Reside Rentals in Logan Utah

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Does anybody in cache valley or elsewhere have experience using Reside Rentals to manage their properties?

We have a management company in place, but are continually losing money to a few different things. Exploring other options to see if we can “tighten” things up a bit, and would love to talk with someone that isn’t referred to us by the management company themselves.


@Nate Julian I've got a property I'll be using Reside to manage in just a couple months. They've been great to work with thus far as far as answering any questions I've had and being transparent. I know a local agent/investor uses them for all her properties and she loves them. 

I've been in Logan since 2012 and haven't been too impressed with other PM companies from the tenant side. Reside has a great website, they take professional pictures, and I think you should reach out to them. They'll send you an owner's packet and answer any questions you might have.