House Hacking My First Purchase

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My first investment was my primary residence in which I house hacked last year. After being a renter for 3 years prio to that and spending tens of thousands of dollars in rents for nothing, I eventually caught a clue and made my first purchase and bought my house for 240k with no money down on a USDA loan.


1. I was able to buy a 240k home with minimal out of pocket  cost (less than 10k)
2. I was able to rent out 3 out of the 4 rooms for $600/m for each room which pays for my mortgage and puts a little cash in my pocket each month.

3. House hacking has allowed me to live almost "free" while paying down a mortgage in my name

4. While I have lived here I have been able to add sweat equity and round up my buddies for some "free" labor (usually pizza and beer is the cost)

5. I was able to negotiate a Kubota 0 turn (8k value) and a giant gun safe to be part of the purchase (2-3k)


1. I purchased at what the home appraised for with no money down - this is also a negative because it is a horrible equity position.

2. It truly could have been a better investment if I had found a cheaper home and put a down payment to minimize my monthly note.

3. After putting about 20k back into the property it has not appreciated quite to where I would have liked it to or thought it would.

If I had to do it again:

I would still house hack and I may even do it on my next primary residence in a duplex/triplex/four-plex. You seriously cannot beat living for damn near free when you are getting started! Being able to stack my cash while my mortgage is paid down has been a huge plus but if I had to redo it then I would have bought a cheaper property and put at least a small amount down to help get the monthly note down. I also would not sink too much money in the property where you will never get it back out. I definitely do not regret the purchase as it has worked out fine but there are a few tweaks that I could have paid attention to before jumping to purchase.

Fantastic strategy @Jake Denning ,

Here in our market, in El Paso, Texas I recommend this strategy to everyone starting in Real Estate Investing. I started House Hacking with a rental ( rent a big house with 4 or more rooms and rent out the rooms to colleagues) Once I had some cash, I bought my first property over 10 years and rented out the rooms. It was great, I learned to be a landlord, learned about remodeling, while living nearly free.

I would recommend house hack to everyone starting out in the industry and specially if you have the ability to use a VA loan, for military personal stationed in Fort Bliss for instance, I have helped people who get a monetary allowance called BAH which is a set amount of $ for their housing needs every month. Since VA required 0% down payment, it's just a matter to find the perfect house hack property, negotiate the closing costs so that they get to buy a property cash-free, rent out the rooms or units (if applicable). They then get to gain the appreciation, build equity, and get to keep the $ saved from their BAH. Perfect hack for someone with these benefits, specially if staying 24 months or longer stationed.

Thank you for sharing!