Want to learn apartment investing but hate paying a real estate "guru" thousands and thousands of dollars when you don't even know if they still buy properties?

If I were in your shoes, I will work for a successful apartment investor as an employee or an intern. There's nothing better than learning from the "street" and by watching a real expert actually do things. 

You will learn what actually works - in real life, not the theory.

That happened to one of our leasing agents. I am so happy she took what she learned from me and she is now closing on a 5-unit building herself. The building's current average rent is $600 per month and she knows (because of what I taught her) that market rents in the area is $800 per month. She is getting a great deal as the building is only $120,000. Cool.

And I am sharing this with you - not to offer any coaching program because I am not a guru but as a simple solution to those who want to learn real estate investing but is too broke or does not want to pay a real estate guru.

Again, go to your local market and find a shaker and mover of that market and work for that person.

You will learn a heck of a lot more than sitting in front of a guru.