REI in Rochester, NY

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Hello BP! New to REI and trying to hone in on an area to get started. I'm interested in the Rochester, NY area and am hoping to make some connections with people who are familiar and have been successful here.

From what I've seen there is an active REI community present here. Any information, advice and connections are appreciated.

Thanks everybody!

Welcome to BP @Sam Maule This is a great place to start! Read all of the books, listen to the podcast's, be clear on your goals. I am an investor here in Rochester (about to complete my first flip) . Good Luck!

Hi @Sam Maule . I have a few rental in the Rochester area for a number of years now. It can be a really good area as the price point is still low, but you need to watch out for the areas you go into. Also do not let the low  price of some of these homes fool you. You may think you’re getting a deal, but many times the repair costs and non paying tenants starts to add up erasing what you think was a solid roi. It’s taken a while, but I finally have decent PM, and a great contractor that I actually trust. PM me if you have questions. Happy to chat.


Thanks for the replies and encouragement. I’ve been working with a broker/property manager who’s enthusiasm has been able to match my own. Looking forward to bringing home that first win. Shouts to Mark Updegraff for being a terrific resource thus far.