Long Distance Investing in Indiana Fort Wayne/Indianapolis

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I am a newbie investor from New Jersey, looking for some advice/suggestions on our if state investing in Indiana, specifically in the Fort Wayne or Indianapolis area. Any local investors, realtors, or property managers have any information for some one looking to start out.

@Kenneth Biason @Kenneth Biason Hey how's it going?! I'm a new investor here in Fort Wayne and am making new connections. I'd start by joining he Facebook group Fort Wayne REIA. There's a great group of investors that stay connected there and is rather active. As a matter of fact @Michinori Kaneko suggested I start there and I am glad he did!

If there’s anything more I can help with anything, feel free to contact me.

@Kenneth Biason ah, i asked in PM but I found out who mentioned me haha. Yes, def good place to start is that FB REIA page! People there are very knowledgeable and helpful. @Vicki Roy is my property manager. She is very knowledgeable about the area as well!

Hi @Kenneth Biason ! Welcome to BP! Indianapolis is a great market to get into. I would suggest getting a good contractor and person on the ground in Indianapolis. I currently use Andre Manning as my contractor. He is on bigger pockets if you want to look him up. PM me if you need his number. I also JV deals with @Kerry Noble Jr since I am small and I too need someone on the ground.  He is great wholesaler to work with.

Both cities have a lot to offer. I have friends that live in Fort Wayne and the downtown area has seen a lot of improvement. New restaurants, breweries, and shops. The same can be said for areas in Indianapolis. It's street-by-street investing so I caution purchasing property without visiting and getting a feel for the neighborhood. 

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Come and visit, rent a city bike, or take the Red Line. You could see 10 neighborhoods without using a car.