Mold remediation options

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Good day! I have a duplex I am highly interested in purchasing. In fact, close to pulling the trigger per se. But, inspection came back revealing mold in the attic.

Seller wants me to split the costs to remediate the mold. I’m fine with that but seller wants to use dry fog method to remediate.

I’m new to all all of this. Has anyone had similar scenario and if so, what are some ideas or should I just walk away.

Is dry fog effective at removing mold? It seems to be less costly than other proven method by a wide margin.

I don’t want to “sweep it under the rug” and make sure the mold is removed for good.


@Stephanie Salas i dealt with this in an apartment complex I own. The mold remediation company fogged the attic (same treatment I think), and this killed the mold. It did not get rid of mold staining though, which they explained pretty thoroughly. Essentially, it killed the mold but you could still see the evidence of mold. The main thing is to figure out the source of the mold though. In our case, the shower vents were not hooked up to anything, and we had to install roof vents and hook up the shower vents to the roof vents. 

@John Warren

Thanks John. According to the inspector. the duplex has too much insulation and not enough ventilation in the attic which is where the inspector found the mold. It’s very expensive to remediate and although I really want the duplex, it may be more than what I could financially handle. Bummer😒


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@Stephanie Salas like I mentioned, this is a very common issue actually. Typically, mold is in the attic because of a roof leak or because of inadequate ventilation. Adding roof vents is not very expensive for a roofer. Remediating mold is not always as expensive as you think either. Just stay away from people who try to scare you with how expensive this is. A lot of rehabbers say "mold is gold". 

@Stephanie Salas

I love mold properties for flips because it’s a word that scares people like asbestos but it’s relatively easy to solve. Check your area but you might not even need a “mold remediation specialist “ to do the work. Call a place like servepro and your cost triples versus having your handyman fix it.

I’m no mold expert by any means and I always consult with someone on each project but it’s usually as simple as stopping the source of moisture and removing anything with the mold. In the Attic it’s much harder to remove the mold containing wood without getting into large projects so you’ll want to kill and encapsulate it. Ive used foggers before as a recommended solution by an environmental pro but it might not be the best solution in every case.

@Derek Carroll

Great advice. My experience with Servpro and similar companies is that they are looking for the helpless client who has great insurance.

It is a little more work but after remediation, and proper ventilation, a good coat of Kiltz or a similar stain-blocker not only hides the stains but does wonders as a future barrier and helps mitigate the smell.

I agree.  Zinzer also makes what they call a mold killing paint. The instructions say you can just paint over the mold and it will kill and encapsulate it.  I'm not sure I would trust that alone but it could be a great final step after everything suggested above.