Newbie in Fort Pierce Florida

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Hello my name is Chad Ingram I grew up in Miami and I am relocating to Fort Pierce. I am newly separated and have decided to venture into real estate as my second act.

I think I started like everybody else, reading Rich dad poor dad, and buying tax liens in, Saint Lucie County, Broward County and Brevard County.

I only by liens on vacant land in my self-directed IRA and I'm looking for partners (contractors and finance) to help me develop Coliving houses, Blocks and Cottage Courts on the lots.

Most of my lots have impact fee credits and I’m looking to revive the “dog trot style” house in the City of Fort Pierce.

before anybody starts saying how silly it is to own property in your self directed IRA please understand that any venture I enter into will purchase at fair market value the land out of the IRA. I have no intention of owning property for our venture in my personal IRA

@Jermaine Chad Ingram Welcome to BP. I'm in Stuart, and do a lot of business in Fort Pierce, both as a realtor and as a flipper. 

It's cool to hear that you're purchasing properties using your IRA, and what you're doing seems pretty unique to me; I had to google dog trot stye.

I'm going to be syndicating commercial multifamily deals using IRA accounts, so I don't think what you're doing is silly at all. We should get together. I'd like to hear more about what you're doing.

@Jordan Archer its a pleasure to meet you. I'm currently driving up to Fort Pierce from Miami on Fridays for planning meetings and will be up for the Saint Lucie County REI monthly meeting starting next month. My contractor/partner lives there.

I think meeting for coffee or lunch would be cool.

Who's the host of that REI meeting? I'm going to one tonight Hosted by Chris McClatchey at Keiser University.

Let me know when you're back and we'll get together.