Newbie looking to get into the wholesale market

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I Live in Salt Lake City Utah and I am looking to get into the wholesale market.

I have been doing some research for about two months and have been listening to podcasts and reading books. I definitely have cold feet about my first deal started.

Any and all advice is welcomed.

@Alvaro Diaz hello, I am also looking to start wholesaling so I will connect with you. I have done some real estate deals but new to wholesaling, I went back and forth with this for years but I decided now I will try it. I heard good things and bad things. Good luck. Maybe we can pass along good reads or advice!

@Natalie Lykes appreciate the note and would love to connect and share advice and experiences. You definitely have a great advantage of being in the real estate game already. I'm a software project manager that envisions this as my escape from the 9-5.