Masters Degree Worth the Time and Money?

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I just wanted to get some discussion going with more experienced individuals on this subject - getting a Masters Degree.

I recently got presented the opportunity to go to grad school for Masters of Science in Real Estate (MSRE). We all know the cost isn't cheap, so my question is "Is grad school worth it?"

To those who have gotten their masters in a related field, could you shed some light on if you think the time and money was worth the investment? Would you recommend it?

If you did not get your masters, do you wish you would've? 

Thanks in advance!


I completed an Master of Science in Organizational Leadership.  My employer paid 95% of all the costs associated with it.  I feel it helps with my boss and my opinions carry more weight but as for my own real estate portfolio it provides little if any value.  If I was to incur the cost myself it wouldn't be worth it.  Put the money towards the down payment on a house and learn first hand.

@J Tessier thanks for the input! My current employer only reimburses $1500/semester and I'm sure there is some underwriting requiring me to stay with them for X years. Not to mention it's an engineering company, not even in real estate so they probably wouldn't reimburse that.

Seems like you did it the smart way, got most of it paid for. Congrats!

@Zach Shahan have you researched how a MSRE impacts your earning potential? That's where I would start. I got a Master's in Accounting because, when I researched it, the jobs I could get with a Master's in Accounting paid far more in the long-run than job only requiring a Bachelor's in Accounting (even considering the cost of student loans/interest/time).