Property price per square foot data

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Apologies for the newbie question.

Where can I find data for avg selling price per square foot in an area?

Perhaps there something as slick as a heat map?

If this is region specific, I am looking at Suffolk country NY, Riverhead area. 


What kind of property are you looking for? If it's a land, you look at $/SF. 

For condos and single families, I'd look at the $ based on the number of bedrooms and also $/SF.

For apartments, you should pay more attention to $/door.

These types of information, you'll need to calculate it based on the sale price per property and its SF. If you want $/SF by area code, you need to purchase a license on CoStar and run an analysis.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Jay, that answers my question. 

I am looking to estimate what a SFR (new construction) might go for in an area.

I can certainly crunch the #'s based on sold prices. 

I realize thats apples & oranges with dated SFR's, but I think would give some insight.

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