New Hampshire Best Pre-Licensing Course & Brokerage for Investors

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I am a new real estate investor based out of the seacoast of new Hampshire. I am curious as to which pre-licensing course and brokerage would be best for me as a real estate investor.  I am just starting my wholesaling business and I decided it would be best to get my real estate license. I want to be able to provide every option possible to a seller when needed.  Which pre-licensing course do you guys thing would be the best in NH? Second, which brokerage would be best for an entrepreneur like myself, that would be able to understand the investor mind set?

Thank, you!

I've had good experience with both Jim Barry and Shannon Aldrich on pre-licensing education in NH...... just remember the bulk of the exam is on the RSA's/rules that govern how Realtors can function and less about how to be a good/successful Realtor.

I chose Keller Williams because:

1) Investor- friendly culture

2) Don't have to do uptime

3) You can have your own brand under the KW name

4) Profit share (you get a passive income source via % of agent's commissions that you bring into KW)

5) We can 'cap' whereby we keep 100% of our commission

6) Really good training

Happy to share my experience, Tucker!