What services can I offer for Real Estate Investors?

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Hi Everyone!

I relocated to North Carolina 3 months ago. I am trying to find a way to get my feet wet with real estate investing. I’ve attended a few real estate meetups and events. Right now, I’m reading The Book on Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner. I am trying to figure what I can bring to the table to help other investors and in return, be able to learn from them. Maybe even turn it into a business. I don’t have a background in real estate or finance. Does anyone have any ideas on services that I can offer/how I can help other investors with their business?

@Victoria Coleman I like how you are approaching this! You are trying to think of what value you can bring to someone else in exchange for their knowledge. 

There are a few things that anyone could offer a RE investor in exchange for knowledge. 

- Cold calling

- Door knocking

- Finding dilapidated houses and looking up the owner's info (if the investor is a flipper or BRRR investor)

Good luck out there!

eg. you found a dilapidated house. you should know the market value in the present condition, the cost to rehab it, and the market value after rehab in addition to the market rent after rehab. from its you can estimate profits if you used financing for purchase. you can package it nicely and deliver it to investors