House hacking in San Bernardino county CA

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Hello Leo, 

I'm a realtor and investor in Apple Valley. I currently live in Apple Valley, so if you need any help or want to go over strategy and even partner up on a deal. I am here to help out. 

I am also starting in real estate as a wholesaler and flip. if recession comes to buy and hold property too.

I live in Victorville California.

I will like to network with people that are doing real estate too to take advantage of the services that they provide for example realtor, loan officers, real estate lawyers etc and to learn and help each other too.

i currently live in NY due to the military however i will be back for good mid december. ive spent my time up here analyzing properties up in the apple valley, hesperia and victorville area due to lower prices. None of the numbers seem to work out due to the pmi payment. and i understand the first deal isnt going to be the best. so i have 2 questions, should wait till i get back to possibly find deals off market and/or should i invest in a property even tho it is breaking even?

So are you looking to relocate @Leo Padilla

Also what part of New York? 

Also you mention PMI, you only have that if you are using a conventional loan like FHA and Conventional, is that what you're doing?

@Trevor Aydelott yeah that where im originally from, well not exactly. im from fontana, which is like 25 mins down the cajon pass.. but my brother is from victorville and the houses are somewhat affordable up there so yeah. and im in a town called watertown. its up state ny. yeah a regular fha loan. unless they have a conventional owner occupied loan that allows me not to pay mip.

Well if I was you I would do conventional at like 3.5% down, because PMI will fall off after 20% equity. But FHA loans always have PMI, unless you refinance out of the loan into a Conventional loan or sell your home.

I can get a conventional with only 3.5 down? I heard of that but when I did my research I couldn’t find if it was true. Hey just shoot me a txt. That way when I’m down there we can possibly link up. It’s 9092512145

Well @Zachary Beach technically with a V.A. loan you can get into a home with 0% down. I would know as I have had three V.A. loans personally myself. 

Not to mentioning me helping other #veterans like myself getting into homes. 

What do you mean they’re removing the limits? Cuz I know right now the va will loan up to 484k but I only got approved for 180k and you know that won’t get much up there  

And not right now. I won’t be down there till the 8th. But when I do get down there I am so up for it. Just shoot me a txt. You got my number right? @Trevor Aydelott

By loan limits, I mean by 484K. It means if you can afford a 780K loan, as long as you qualify you can get it. 

You can potentially find something for 180K, it will be hard. But as I say, if there is a will there is a way. 

And maybe you need to change lenders, I'm huge on finding the right deal. 

And hey the 8th is right around the corner. 

And yes I got your number. 

@Leo Padilla

If you don't need to be in a place right away when you get here you could spend time to find deals while local or from far away It just depends on what you want. If you're going to house hack something small I don't see why you can't find something within the price range you qualify for and do a live in flip. Utilize your VA to get in for little money and use your saved cash for rehab maybe? There's many different ways to attack it from.