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I live in Kentucky and was wondering what you would do to go about having someone help you start out or at least be there to coach you through on things until you were able to get your feet wet. I understand there would be some sort of fee for this because their time is immeasurable but if anyone could shed some light I would be greatly appreciative.


Welcome to BiggerPockets - if looking for a mentor - introduce yourself and let people know what you can do to help them out in return. The gurus tell you to take the seasoned investors out to lunch or buy coffee and then they will spill all they know so you can then be the guru. In reality it does not happen like that - it is a give and take world. You need to give something in return for what you take back. As far as I know only these so called gurus are the main ones looking to "take" all the money you can "give" them and run.

@David Thomas , to be honest with you, I have seen a lot of posts here in BP that express the disappointment that can come from a paid mentor. You have to be really careful here. There are quite a few out there that just take your money, throw you a few impractical tips and set you lose.

My advice? Let the team here in BP be your mentor. This forum is full of seasoned investors who are willing to give good sound investment advice. If you got questions - someone here will have the answers.