I followed the blueprint of life till I was about 22-23. Then realized it’s not what I wanted for my future. So I sold my house and bought a duplex.

All anyone said to me and I’m sure most of you reading this was, “I wouldn’t do that” “it’s too risky”. I talked to this one dude this morning who said that to me. I said to him....”don’t you have kids?” He said “yes”. I replied “congratulations, but isn’t that risky too?” He stepped back....took a second.....said “wow, you’re right, never looked at it that way”.

My point is, anything can be risky, but what risks are you ok with taking into your life? This thought process helped me to break out of the blueprint of life before selling my house so maybe it’ll help someone else.

P.S. not just any risks, but calculated risks......read a book