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I'm trying to buy a turnkey property from roofstock any advice for me?

 They aren't really a TRUE Turnkey Provider. A real provider ideally owns the home first (NOT A LISTING) then they renovate it all in-house. They should also place a tenant prior to closing, this way it is cash-flowing from day one. The other big thing is to make sure the TK provider does the management IN-HOUSE! They should not push you off on some other "Trusted" partner. I don't think roofstock really checks these boxes. They are just a marketplace. 

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Hey Man,

I don't think rootstock is the way to go.  From my research, I have found their listings to be priced well over market.  I would suggest either looking up the address and contacting the owner directly or searching the local market using zillow and redfin.  Zillow is helpful because you can search for sales and rentals simultaneously.  You can use that data to model out your cashflow.  

my advice - dont buy from Roofstock. The most important aspect of OOS investing is your team. Does RS give you a property manager or can you choose your own?