Has anyone used Batch Money LLC as a private lender

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Batch Money LLC might be a legitimate lender, @Maksim T Karasavov . I have no way to know, but the website was created by a scammer. I know this because someone created a website representing our company and the phone number shown on each is the same.

Google the phone number and you'll see it appears on a number of lending sites, including Private Lending Direct LLC, Private Money Bancorp, Assured Investments, and now Batch Money LLC.

We own Private Lending Direct LLC and the website is not ours. Since almost everything associated with a real estate loan is a matter of public record, this is an incredibly easy scam to pull off. It's also very difficult to stop.

I wrote about our problem here:

Private Lending Direct LLC is a SCAM and I Own the Company

Anyone work with Assured Lending all before?

Also, if you do a reverse image search on some of the photos shown of the “Team,” you’ll see it’s from a stock photo, used at least here: https://tecnex.eu/home/services/representation-of-your-interests-in-eu-2/

The web is not the place to find you lenders, Maksim. Real estate clubs in your area, easily found on Meetup.com, are your safest bet.

Could be related or a complete coincidence, @Maksim T Karasavov .  Either way, solicitations on BP are against their rules.  You should report this to them.

It is suspicious though, since he posted a solicitation for representatives for a private lender in this thread: Do you want to work from home and earn a salary?

We're not colleagues or I'd tag him into this thread and invite him to respond.

@Jeff S. I have not given my email to anyone on this forum and this was my very first post. So I am 99% sure it was him who provided my information to the scammers. There is just so easy to put the pieces together. I would like to make big noise to this SCAM because this is wrong and people can get hurt, some people do this for a living! Thank you again for your help! I truly appriciate it. 

@Account Closed Can you please reply and let us know if you are associated with the "Private Money SCAM" Batch Money LLC

@Maksim T Karasavov

I also was contacted by John and Batch Money. I spoke with Willy from Batch Money but haven’t pulled the trigger on a deal yet.

I do think people use stock photos on web sites, so I wouldn’t use just the web as rule out. Understand though that Jason said someone had a scam in his company name and the site looked just like it.

Batch Money was recommended To me by a LinkedIn contact. I spoke and texted with Willy.
Now I’m a little concerned after reading these comments after joining this site. Any updates on Batch money?