Determining Property Value

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Hi everyone, I’m just starting out but my goal is to close my first wholesale deal by the end of this month!!!

I have some showings lined up and would like some advice on how to determine property value and repair costs.

Any feedback and/or advice is most appreciated!!!

Hey @Carolyn Boswell , welcome to the BP community!

You'll find some great resources from the one and only J. Scott. Here is a very useful guide to estimating ARV. For estimating rehab costs you can use some rule of thumbs but I would recommend digging into this a little deeper. J. Scott has a book on the topic but in reality this is just something you will get better at as you do more deals. Another thing you can do when starting out is to find a contractor you trust and have them walk through the property with you and provide a quote.

Good luck! And please feel free to message me anytime if you have other questions or just wanna chat!