How to get legal Wholesale contracts and proper wording

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Hey everyone,

I am from Baltimore Md. I'm new to this group and new to studying wholesaling in general. I'm Definitely looking to get involved but for now just building as much knowledge as possible. I've already started driving for dollars just to get a feel and understand the types of houses I should target. I now know what lists to get a hold of to find potential distressed sellers. The one thing I am more confused on is the actual contracts and wording needed to make everything legal and legitimate. If Anyone can elaborate or point me in the direction i need to go to do my own due diligence is very appreciated.

You can get sample contracts from a lot of sites or other wholesalers, but you want to take that to your real estate attorney or title company and get them to give you feedback on how tight it is. You will want both of those people in your corner for deals. A title company is a better place to start as a new investor as it will have low to no cost and limited expectations.

@Maurice E. Stokes Jr

Hey, I use simple contracts from a site called "the wholesaler's toolbox". They don't have to be fancy. I'd run it by a professional lawyer just to be sure.

As you get a few deals under your belt you'll probably realise certain clauses you want added for extra convenience / security.