Real Estate Overseas

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Hi, I am a student in Singapore and I am currently looking to invest in American real estate and buy my first deal as the real estate market in Singapore is getting overheated and way too expensive for me to afford. Any of you experienced real estate investors can provide your opinions? Thanks!

I assume you wont be traveling to America to facilitate the process.    What you are doing will require trustworthy agents, property managers and home inspectors.    

he first thing you need to do is decide where in the US you want to invest.  Each state has different rules and regulations, tenant laws, tax structure etc.

what are real estate prices like in singapore?

@Dell J. Thanks for your reply! The real estate prices are exorbitant in Singapore and to get a good property one needs to fork up at least a million SGD to get anything good. In addition to the high prices, there also exists a stamp duty and additional stamp duty for subsequent houses making real estate investment in Singapore quite difficult for a beginner like me with pretty much no capital hence I am looking at markets overseas. Travelling to the United States to meet up with real estate agents, property managers and attorneys is not out of the question and I would be willing to do so to facilitate the process.

@Eugene Phua US real estate is a great place to invest you money long term. Just depends on the type of investment you are looking for or your long term goals.

Feel free to reach out with specific questions.

@Eugene Phua I suggest that you partner up with someone with experience that lives and works in the U.S. instead of doing everything yourself. There are so many obstacles and a lot of risk involved in doing it yourself given your situation.

You might also consider investing in funds or syndications that invest in the type of real estate that you're interested in. There are also crowdfunding platforms that serve the same purpose, would allow you to participate in U.S. real estate, and are far easier to get involved with.