Cheapest and fastest place to get my RE license online?

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Here are the steps to take to get your license. This is specifically for California.  I’ve simplified it so you can get your license fast and know about how much time and money it will take:

Step 1 - Courses and Live Scan ($194 and 10 weeks)

Get your three required Courses completed. I like this site for price ($125) and speediness: California Real Estate License

Get your Live Scan (aka finger printing) done. $49 for processing and $20 for service fee. You’ll need this form ( and you can find Live Scan locations here:

Step 2 - Apply for your Exam and License ($305 and wait up to 6 weeks)

Fill out this form:

Check to make sure you pay the correct fee:

Mail your completed application, fee, course transcripts and live scan forms to:

Bureau of Real Estate
PO Box 137001
Sacramento, CA 95813–7001

Wait up to 6 weeks for exam date - view current processing times here:

Step 3 - Take the exam ($0 and 3 Hours)

You’ll have 3 hours 15 minutes to complete 150 4-answer multiple choice questions. Arrive 30 minutes early. Don’t bring any of these items to your exam:

You’re finished! Well, you do have to pass the exam in order to get your license!!

This quick 15 minute read has similar quick steps and suggestion on a guaranteed way to pass the exam with a 92% pass rate on first try: 4 Simple Steps To Get Your California Real Estate License

Best wishes on your real estate endeavors!

I'm not sure if they have Oregon, but I got mine through Moseley RE School. It's $300 but they price matched with RE Express to $149. They price match anybody online or in a class.