Choosing market and realtor for my first investment

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I live in California, and as most know, the initial investment to entry in real estate investing is quite high.

My goal is to build a portfolio of buy and hold properties for passive income. Looking at starting with a turnkey with single or duplex and gradually transition into BRRRR with multi-family as I get comfortable.

I am looking at Texas and willing to put a 20-25% upto $35,000. I am not hooked onto Texas though since any place outside of CA is out-of-state investment for me with similar challenges. 

What is the best way to shortlist the market that works best for me, and find a good realtor for that market?

@Kunal Lakhwani

If you're looking for turnkey, check out @Zach Lemaster over at Rent to Retirement. They provide turnkey rentals in markets that maximize appreciation and cash flow. They assist investors such as yourself build their rental portfolio. I've purchased property through them and it has been a good experience. 

If you're looking to do this actively, a quick way to identify a market is 1% rule. A house for 100k rents for 1k per month. Find good neighborhoods and send your criteria to the best realtor in town. You will still have to build the rest of your team after that fact. 

@Joseph Crunkilton Thank you for the shout out!

@Kunal Lakhwani

We've helped many investors just like yourself build a successful rental portfolio across numerous cash flow markets. It's all a numbers game, and the most successful investors invest in the markets where they get the best returns!

Please let me know if you have any questions on anything. I typically like to start with an initial phone call to discuss your investment goals/experiences, answer any questions you have, and tell you all about what our company has to offer. Please let me know if this is something you would like to schedule.

Also for your reference, here are some other forum discussions from investors that have worked with us in the past like Joseph. I'm sure you'll find this informative. Looking forward to hopefully connecting in the near future!