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Hi BP Community, 
I have a full time job and also invest in real estate as a buy and hold investor. I have 8 doors and currently growing my portfolio. Wanted to start a side hustle as a real estate agent. I don't want to quit my full time job because I love what I do. Wanted to get some feedback/advice from someone who is currently a real estate agent on the side. Wanted to know how difficult it is. Can one be successful being an agent part time? Any challenges or advice someone can share?

Thank you

Hi @Tarcizio Goncalves You have a ton of knowledge I bet and you probably can help a lot of other investors out as an agent. I inttially got my license so I could have quick access to properties. Over the years my knowledge of investing in MFR increased so now I use it to help others invest. I think you may work out well for you.

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Hi @Tarcizio Goncalves... Full disclosure, it's tough to be a good real estate agent and only do it part time. There are so many moving parts and starting out is time consuming.

Another option is something like what I do... I help investors and non-investors pay off their mortgages (and all other types of debt... car loans, student loans, credit cards, etc.) in as little as 5 to 7 years without changing their budget or their lifestyle.

It's fun. It's not very time-consuming. And it's lucrative. You earn $900 - $1,550 per sale. And the conversion rate is high. Most people end up buying because the program sells itself.