Good morning all,

I am new to REI, and have been looking for my fist property to BRRRR. I have watched and read a bunch of BP youtube videos/posts as well as other information available. So far I have seen several properties, talked to a number of listing agents, and even gave them several verbal offers. None of my offers have been accepted so far but they were not too crazy low balls per listing agents. To better refine my offers I am trying to tighten up my rehab estimation as I fill it is the weakest link in my analysis right now. I have brought a general contractor to one of the properties i bid on but he just gave me a rough total rehab cost, which is only somewhat helpful. Could any of you share actual costs of your rehabs with descriptions? The more granular the better. And yes, i have seen the rough estimates online, but it is hard to go by them (maybe at first) as they seem to overgeneralize.

Here's a house I am talking to listing agent right now about: built in 1900, 1900 sq ft, 5 bed 1.5 bath, 3 stories. could be rented to section 8 for 1600, asking price 120k. overall the house has good bones but was neglected, the whole thing needs to be repainted, 2nd and 3rd floors needs vinyl flooring install in place of old carpets. There was a roof leak in one of the rooms, the roof has been patched up but the ceiling and the wall of the room have water damage, at least drywall needs to be replaced. There's a low water pressure in the pipes, the basement is moist and will probably require water proofing. Bunch of small things like railings, doors, blinds, etc need refresher. What do you think a rehab would cost?

thanks in advance.


are there any eastern PA investors here, i'd like to connect to grow my network and maybe help each other (not sure how for now)