Hello BP community!

My family and I are moving out to the Post Falls area in about 6 months. I plan to start a business in the rehab and remodel field (will hopefully grow to other things). I would like to connect with anyone in the area who needs help flipping their investments or just want to renovate their own home. I know that one of the hardest pieces to find for us inverters is a solid contractor. I want to be that solid contractor for any of you who need it.

I have had 5 years in the trades now. 3 of which as a framer and remodel framer, 2 of which as a finish carpenter and superintendent for a commercial general contractor. (also 2 1/2 years of formal construction education) I just finished remodeling my first home flip and will link to pics soon. What I love about the trades is that there is always something to learn and I am definitely learning. But I know that I can produce quality work at a good pace. Here is some of my experience so far:

Framing, siding, roofing, windows and doors, paint, drywall, millwork, cabinets, and most flooring. Being a superintendent I have learned how to successfully run jobs on a schedule and how to trouble shoot to keep jobs going around issues that arise.

Again we wont be out in the area until possibly January because my family needs help remodeling their home in California (look for pics when it happens). But I would like to get the ball rolling on meeting people up in the panhandle area of Idaho. As an inspiring investor myself I will also need to connect with people in the other elements of the deal making process as well, so feel free to reach out even if you don't need a contractor.

I am excited for this adventure and I look forward to being a A+ contractor for the BP community.