Networking in Buffalo NY?

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Wanted some advice on the right direction I should take. I'm interested in the "house hack/ single family homes" home niche. I'm new to Real estate. I've heard of the FHA loan that lets your out down 3.5% but I wanted to know what the process is like. I have 500$ as of right now. Any strategies, recommendations and above is helpful

With that much capital, I would keep learning and saving. you'll need more for any property you buy--not only for down payment but also for repairs. FHA programs and other lenders require 6 months of reserves (6 x your mortgage payment).

Continue to invest (<-see what I did there) in your knowledge base. Learn as much as you can in the mean time. BP is a great resource for all things Real Estate.

If you need help managing your spending to save up more capital, use the keyword search for things like, "saving for downpayment," "envelope method" or "dave ramsey program."

Good luck!

Here if you have questions!

@JaMazse Martin

Hi, I recently closed on my duplex house hack in Buffalo. I used Empower Federal Credit Union for financing, they have a location in Cheektowaga. They brought me a $10k grant (free money) at closing. They do have some requirements and some limited availability of the funds from the government, but it may be worth checking out. Hope this helps.