Looking to Network in WI

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I just moved from the Twin Cities to Central Wisconsin, and now being in a much more affordable market, I'm ready to start investing. I'm still working for a Minneapolis company (working from home now) and am just starting the process of becoming an agent as well. I'm looking to connect with anyone currently investing in Waupaca, Appleton, Stevens Point, and other surrounding communities!

@Mitch Kennedy

Welcome to the area! I invest in Stevens Point and Fox Valley area. Primarily in multifamily rentals.

Do you currently have any investments or looking to get started? Where are you located? Do you have a particular area you're interested in investing in (e.g., single family rentals, student rentals, multifamily, 5+ unit apartments, lease options, etc)?

Good evening, 

I run Wisconsin Property Managers in the Rock County, WI market. I would love to pick your brain and share some info about our market. The growth of Amazon, Dollar General and ABC Supply CO. in the area has made this market a top tier rental market. Let me know if you would like to learn a bit more and have time to chat. 

Hi @Mitch Kennedy !  If you need referrals for a PM or realtor in the Appleton area let me know.  Consider joining the Fox Valley Apartment Association they are an active group of landlords in the area.  Very useful for networking.  

@Mitch Kennedy

I own around 40 units in the Wausau area; everything from SFHs up to a couple different quads. Don’t hesitate to connect/reach out if you need any help in the area, especially with lenders etc. I use a PM as I live closer to the twin cities but it’s a solid area to invest in.

@Mitch Kennedy - I don't own strictly student rentals, although some of my rentals do have students. COVID actually increased demand for my rentals because the UWSP system relaxed the rules on students living in dorms and allowed more of them to live off campus.