Multi family shortage?

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I’ve been looking for properties to analyze in the north Georgia area and I’ve had a hard time finding multi family properties. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m using the wrong online resources or if north Georgia just doesn’t have many multi family properties.

What resources are you using? Are you talking directly with brokers?

@Corey McNabb , I've noticed the same thing (I'm in Forsyth County) there isn't a ton of multi-family comparated to SFRs and a lot of it doesn't ever seem to hit the MLS and other online resources.
The only thing I've seen pop up here in the last year or so was a duplex in Cumming that popped up on Craigslist and a quadraplex on MLS. There are probably only 20 or so duplexes in the whole county.

There seem to be more over in Gainesville.

I've only kept a casual eye on multi-family so take it with a grain of salt.

@Corey McNabb I have a wonderful real estate agent that can get you on the MLS if you are wanting to see what's on there.

There are a few in Georgia but it’s all about how you type in the words, click the right boxes, or ask the right questions.

I thought they just didn’t exist in Georgia for about 6-7 months. Turns out it was user error for me.

Like Devan said, there are definitely some good 2-4 unit properties that come on the market in north GA. Even just in metro Atlanta right now there are a few listed for sale that seem pretty dolid. If you're getting all your info from sites like trulia/zillow/etc. you're likely getting a lot of bad/incorrect data though.