Advice on a team & looking for mentor

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Hey All ! I’m in Omaha Ne! My husband and I have 2 rental properties (3 doors with above garage apt) and are looking to grow our portfolio to multi family properties as quickly as possible!

As I look at who we have pulled in to help us- we have a tax advisor, attorney, insurance agent, and I'm currently interviewing property managing companies.

For you, who has been a key player in your success?

Also, I am hoping to find someone successful in investing in real estate- who loves to teach and answer questions and wants to share their knowledge and wisdom! Do you know of a someone ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi @Kerri K. , welcome to the BiggerPockets forums!

In my investment journey the most impactful players have been the agent, the private money partners, and the lenders. The attorneys have also been a boon as our relationship has gotten better, too.

The biggest key to your success, long term and in the day to day, is going to come through gaining clarity on your goal.  Knowing what makes a pursuit successful or not TO YOU is going to be your north star in this endeavor.  So, as you guys look to go from 4 units to the great beyond, where do you want to go and (most importantly) why are you going there? 

@Kerri K. are you a member of the Omaha REIA and Omaha Real Estate Meetup FB groups? Great people in both with lots of local knowledge. Both groups get together at least monthly (either in person or virtually).

Feel free to contact me if you need anything as well.

Good luck!

Hello I am new to real estate investing in Omaha.  I own a contracting business that specializes in decks.  I am looking to start buying properties and would like to connect with people in my area who are doing this now.  I would like to join the groups you mentioned above and see how I can help other investors with their goals.  

Congrats on the success yall have found so far.

In order to find a mentor, I would suggest you network, network, network. And then once you find someone you click with I would then approach it from more of the partnership angle opposed to the mentor. 

So this could be bringing them a deal, being a private lender or just bringing some type of skill to the table that they don't have. To sum it up, you have to bring something of value to the relationship because most people will not share all they know with you for free.

@Will Fraser yes this is SO helpful! Thank you for your advice!

And yes we have multi tiered goals if you will haha ! Milestones connected to whys. I think as we achieve some of those and gain more confidence then I’ll be able to grasp the extent of how far we want to go but it’s such a good reminder to keep asking the whys and keep those in our site !

@Owen Dashner yes I'm a part of Omaha REIA and Omaha Real estate meet up and Omaha real estate exchange ! Any other groups you would recommend ? I've joined some national investor groups just to be around all the wisdom and knowledge offered in those groups!

I 100% want to show up in whatever capacity we are allowed virtually or in person ! And thanks for offering to be contacted! The more I research and the more I listen to podcasts and the more books I read - the more I DONT know and it is nice to just drop a couple questions to a real person then a podcast or smthg !

Seriously, THANK YOU!