Looking for expert VA loan lender

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Good day BP community. Newcomer hear, and not totally sure how this works but here goes.

My fiance and I just bought our first house in Koxville, TN. We used a conventional loan despite my military status, cause we aren't married yet and she had better credit. 

Most banks I talk too, including the one we financed through for our home don't understand or specialize in VA loans and I'd love to find one that I can trust to help me maximize this benefit, including potentially doing a cash-out conventional to VA to pay for some renos and repairs.

Is there anyone out here who has a recommendation?

Thank you, blessings!

@Andrew Laurence I have written several VA loan articles for the BiggerPockets blog, and have a vast network of military REI guys/gals. Happy to introduce you to one of the lenders in my network if you'd like to answer some questions and helpy you out.