New to the RE Game and I want to connect & network with YOU!

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New to the game of REI. I will be operating between the Huntington - Charleston area and would like to connect and network with like minded individuals!

I am currently a W-2 employee but have aspirations to achieve FI one day. I believe building the right team around you and building relationships is key to long term success.

@Jacob Thompson Great that you are deciding to get into this! 

Here's a common misconception: You need to build a team before you can start. To me, that's not true. The only things you need to start are a lender and an agent/wholesaler. You don't need a lawyer, accountant, contractor, property manager all at once.  Why would they want to spend time with you if you have nothing to offer them except potential future work? Also, I hear it as an excuse for not starting: "I am building out my team." Build your team as you go! 

Hope that helps, if you have any specific questions, reach out

@Jacob Thompson

Welcome to the site sir. I would encourage you to search for members based on your areas and message them to see if you can pic their brain over lunch.

Good luck and enjoy the journey!

Welcome to REI @Jacob Thompson .

I am a REI in the same area you are currently looking to invest. No reason to build out a team! I have plenty of contacts and I am willing to share any and all of them with you.

I agree with @Antonio Cucciniello , you just need to get started. I'd be happy to help look at properties and analyze deal along side of you if it would help.