Investment Property Mortgage v. Traditional

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Hello all-

First post here on BP. I just made an offer on my first rental property. I was told that since it is an investment property I would need to put 25% down. Is there a way to put less of a percentage down. Could I state I intend to move into the property and never actually move in?

Thanks for any help and tips!


Hey Eddie,

Have you considered finding a duplex, and using it as a house hack. If you intend to live in the property, a FHA loan would be the perfect way to get into a rental with a low down payment. Good Luck!


If you “state that you intend to live there” and don’t, that is fraud! If you plan to build a business, do it honestly with a solid foundation. House hacking sounds like an option you should explore.

You get back what you put careful, best of luck