Carport conversion into livable bedroom

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Hi BP community, 

About to purchase my first rental property in Phoenix. Was considering the pros and cons of a carport conversion into another bedroom to rent out. I've done the research and converting a garage into a room doesn't seem to be worth it but does anyone have thoughts on a carport? The key things I'd like to know include

  1. 1. Cost range estimates for a 2 car carport conversion 
  2. 2. Equity added to the home - e.g., would folks rather have a carport or extra room? 
  3. 3. Process to convert carport and how long it takes 
  4. 4. Anything else to be concerned about?

Two bedrooms would be more effective,  just a divider wall and an extra closet and window.

It is 375-450 square feet ?

20 x 20 would be 400 .

Sometimes carports don't have the best roofs,  They need to be beefed up with extra support

to take on the extra weight of the conversion. 

Need to run electrical, insulation, sheet rock, closets and 2 windows.

Thinking $4-$6000 material.

Electrician will be your most cost. ( labor that is ).

Everything else is pretty simple .

Are you thinking of pulling permits?

Good luck, i know a guy if your need him!

@David Avery Thanks for the thoughtful response. Two bedrooms is great, alas, we're already adding a 5th bedroom into the second living room and running a co-living model.With the carport conversion,it would be 7 bed, 3 bath. Living room would be failry small so not sure if it could handle it.   

If I could get it permitted, it might work since we're making home larger. Just not sure if the cost to forced equity is worth it for a Carport vs. a garge. 

I also sent you a DM. Would love to chat and get any contacts you have for construction and talk about this more in detail :) 

Got your DM but I  have a couple questions.

Is it right in Phoenix city limits?

It is 3 bathroom now.  Is that 3 full bathrooms?

I would think that 7 bedrooms will need at least 2 full bathrooms and

one half  ( sink, and toilet).

@David Avery it's currently a 4 bed 2 bath 1850 sq ft home that's under contract and located in tempe. There is an attached laundry/storage/workshop that's around ~200 sqft. It has plumbing in it so we're thinking of converting that into a full bath; was quoted ~8k to do something like that and would love your thoughts.

Agree that it needs 3 bathrooms, espeically since you can't access the master bedroom from any other room.