Contractor left in middle of job

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He was a "bargain contractor". He was the contractor who was referred to us by a previous landlord and he worked on our house. He stated the job would cost about 40-45K. We gave him 15K to start and then an additional 10K. We never thought he would just say I can't finish the job for "family reasons". He said he completely quit working but I am sure he is not saying the truth. 

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@Joseph Sokhn

Did he complete $25k worth of work? This happens when a contractor has underestimated the work and realizes this so he bounces. Licensed or not contractors are known to not be the best businessman. If you feel he provided work that equates to what you paid him then you will need to start looking for another person. If he did not provide the amount of work for what you have paid thus far then I would file a complaint with the state board that oversees his license. 

Sorry to hear you are going through this but dont stress. There are other contractors out there that can step in. 

Best of luck

He did NOT provide work worth 25K in my assessment. He probably provided work worth 15k to date. He estimated he provided work worth 26K. I spoke with an attorney but he was not very optimistic. He states our best bet is to try to work with him.What hurts the most is that he would not release the names of the HVAC people so we can discuss with them directly finishing the work. He casked for more money and we said that was okay but he just QUIT leaving us in the middle of this. This is our FIRST investment and it is not a great way to start our investment journey! Thank you for your reply and appreciate the nice words. How do you know if he a licensed contractor?

This is why you need to have the work In writing. So you and the contractor can be on the same page. License or not you should always have something that state’s the work they are going to do With a payment plan. This way when the task are completed the contractor can get paid accordingly!

Good Luck 

@Joseph Sokhn

What state are you in? What do you mean the attorney was not optimistic? Some states have strict consumer protection laws regarding contractors. I am curious to see how this works out for you & praying the project moves smoothly from this moment forward!

I live in Missouri. The attorney recommended to get to solve things by negotiation rather than through the legal channels. What upsets me most is that does not reply to our messages or answer any of our questions. He is not willing to send us any receipt about payments to sub-contractors, materials, or anything else, to justify how he spent the 25k.