New Investor Trying to Find a Market

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Originally posted by @Christina Vo :

Hey Hannah! You’ve already received so many wonderful suggestions here, so I’m going to try not to repeat anything that has already been said. We’re a super similar age, and I would love to connect with you to share tips and tricks on our financial independence journey!

I’m currently scoping out properties in Texas (good appreciation, bad cash flow) and Ohio (bad appreciation, good cash flow), which are two locations that have been mentioned here already. Super curious to find out what market you end up investing in!

 Columbus, Ohio has great appreciation and good cash flow. You should look here! I have been investing in the market for about 4 years now.

Toledo has been making some big strides lately and has a become an investor hot spot for out of state investors. The city is ranked the #1 mid-sized city in the USA for new business start ups. Toledo is also now ranked the #2 city with the most improved parks in recent years, as the city government has been spending a lot of money to revitalize its parks. Toledo has many parks all around the area, especially near the Maumee River which runs down the center of the city and attracts many families in the area to go for evening walks, bike rides, picnics, fishing, kayaking, and more.

Toledo is also the home to many employers. The diverse job base keeps quality renters in the area. Our noteworthy employers include: Owens Corning, Amazon, Promedica, Owens Illinois, The Andersons, DANA, Jeep, and the University of Toledo.

The city has seen some serious investment from the city along with investment from Promedica, our healthcare provider, which provides thousands of jobs to locals in the area. We've also seen an increase of nearly 1,000 jobs from Amazon.

Along with this, a new company is moving into the area and will be implementing a $400M facility: Peloton. Peloton is a fitness equipment company. This will create over 3,000 new jobs across the state of Ohio and many of those will be in the Toledo area.

Toledo is also one of the cities with the most restaurants per capita, and our very own Marco's Pizza has been expanding their business across the country.

I believe right now is the time to consider investing in Toledo, Ohio. Links are referenced below if you'd like to read more!

@Hannah Paitchel I highly suggest the Columbus market, not just because that's the market I am in but because of the value it has acquired. If you are looking to capitalize on your investment either long term or short term/quick fix & flip, then this is the market to do so. There are submarkets in the area that offers great appreciation and ROI based on a 150k investment such as Whitehall, Westgate, or even Clintonville. I would definitely take these areas into consideration. Most of your best deals for this type of investment will mostly come from off market opportunities. I would also try to network as much as possible and acquire as much info as possible before you enter into the investment (even though your first investment property will teach you so much). Feel free to reach out to me for any further questions/concerns. Other than that, Happy Investing!