Unresponsive Agent. Time to move on?

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I’ve narrowed down out of state areas I would like to invest in. One of the agents I have spoken with is very knowledgeable, grew up in the area, and knows many people to help build a team. The problem is that he is very unresponsive. I won’t hear back for days on end, and text messages are hit or miss when I reach out. Do I stick with this guy because of his connection with the community, or do I just move on and find someone else? Thanks all!

@Nick Nalette as others have mentioned, find a new agent. With current market conditions and overall extreme competitiveness, this a matter of time is of the essence. I strive to get back to all of my clients within a 20-30 minute timeframe. Any solid on market deal will last no longer then two-three days before it's binding and under contract. Once you develop your core four (agent, pm, contractor, lender) stick only to that specific market until you are comfortable with consistently putting in offers. May sound counterintuitive, but I see too many investors try and broaden their net into different markets, only to never pull the tigger and getting stuck in the long run. 

@Nick Nalette I would find another agent! If he is not responding know what do you think he will be going when he is suppose to guide you though a translation and negotiate on your behalf. Just my thoughts good luck!

If he is flaky now, it will only get worse after he has the commission from you.  And likely his contacts are flaky too or if they are good, do not put much value in a relationship with a flaky realtor.

If a flaky realtor says someone is good, would you expect the person to really be good?  

Pretty much all realtors have connections.  So do the donut shop owners or an early morning trip to Starbucks.  Either source will be just as good at finding a contractor.