Just passed salesperson licensing exam

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Calling all sales agents!

I just passed both my national state exams for My Louisiana Salespersons license. After completing my course I honestly still couldn’t tell you how to sell a house… I will be taking up on their mentor program. I’ve already started establishing a good relationship with my mentor as I met her at my day job and she got me on with the team. I can already tell I will learn a lot from her, but she is only one person to learn from…

Im seeking any entry level advice into the field. Any tips, tricks, or gotta knows that can help put me in the right direction to beginning my new career in this field. I’ve been learning a lot from the BP podcasts but now I am ready to start learning real experience in the field.

If anyone is local to my area I’d love to do meet ups and create new relationships!

TIA, Im beyond ready for this new journey!

Read or listen to The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller. Most agents have not. If you actually do what he says in there, you cannot fail. It's that simple, but you probably expected a complicated business plan. Your broker offers weekly training and online training, so don't worry about that. Congrats on your license. There is no limitation on your income except the one you place on yourself.

Congratulations on you license Jordan! 

I love the book recommendation and already checked it out on audible (thank you Anthony!). I would advise: Do what you say. If you indicated that you will send the contract  at 8pm don't stretch it until the next morning. Follow up with your clients. Try to help eve if this does not bring monetary value. Be interested about you client criteria and provide listing that meet the criteria. This is what I was looking for in agents I worked.
 (I just passed NJ state exam for Salesperson license couple days ago and excited to start myself)

What's up Jordan... Louisiana agent here also over in Denham Springs.  I'm about to hit 4 years being licensed and if I had to give any advice to a brand new agent, it would be to just be a sponge.  There is tons of free information out there online for you to absorb.  I've spent hours, upon hours, upon hours watching YouTube videos, reading articles, listening to audiobooks and podcasts.  The best thing I did is joining the GSD Real Estate Mastery training with Joshua Smith.  If you're every curious about it, I'd be glad to give you info.  You can check out the GSD podcast to get an idea though.  Good luck... you're jumping in at a crazy time.  

Congrats Jordan!  My advice to a new agent would be to remember that you are a problem solver.  You are going to have deals that go way south sometimes.  I had this situation recently with an investor who was buying a property.  We had a horrible final walkthrough on the property and he was ready to walk away from it.  I always want to do what is best for my client, but this was such a great deal for him that I had to remind him of this.  He was in the midst of being anger about the current condition of the home.  I worked with him and the also anger listing agent (she didn't think the condition of the property was an issue) to come to an agreement to save the deal.  In the end everyone was happy.  

So, not every deal will go smooth and it is your job to keep your cool and figure out the best solution for the situation and that solution might not always be what is best for you as an agent.