The Investor's Friend

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Things I have learned while working with investors

*Each investor is differentšŸ¤”

*ARVs  are super importantšŸ¤‘

*Run comps before even suggesting a property šŸ™„

*Contractors are important

*I am important ā˜ŗļø

Of course, there's lot more but you get the point. Agents share what you have learned working with investors. Investors share your experience with a good realtor.

I'm not an agent, but the lack of investment-savvy agents in my market comes up regularly at my meetup. If an investor hands you a property analysis and you can speak intelligently about why the numbers do or don't make sense, you're already ahead of, like, 99% of the other agents out there.

@Nicole Heasley hmm I think based off what you just said I'll start sharing my property analysis with my agent in my current market so that he can kind of see where I'm coming from and what I look at. I have shared one or two previously before but I think I will call hime tomorrow and really break it down for him so that we are on the same page lately we've just been comparing comps and etc but since becoming a BP pro member I think the property analysis on here is pretty good and easy to follow