Investor-turned RE Agent!!

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Hello, BPers--- after 30 years of being a non-licensed "investor" (never fulltime), I finally decided to obtain my license and become an agent. I will always be a buyer first, but the process of getting my license has taught me a whole different viewpoint of real estate. The goal is to become a broker in 2 years (required time in Missouri) and thus be able to expand our investing business into a full-service operation, including property management services.... I will begin to network here as well as the the investor parts of BP - as I am learning how to wear both hats!!

@Mike Bryant

Welcome to BP! We've got a great community here. If I can ever be of assistance, just let me know!


Welcome! I have a very similar path, although I was only an investor for a year before getting licensed. I've made some great connections in the one week I've been on the site. I hope you're just as lucky!

Hi Mike. Welcome. I am doing a similar thing but I started off as an broker/agent. I have decided that there's no way I could incorporate property management into my service now...just too much. I would have to hire a property manager..or maybe buy a property management company.

Welcome to BP! My journey is a little bit opposite I come to BP as a licensed broker from the state of South Carolina and I want to go into investing and doing property management we have a few things in common hope To see you around the site some

Good luck. What do you see as some of the big advantages of making this move now?

Hi @Pete T. - the biggest advantage is the access to MLS and basically being able to replace my "day job" sooner (hopefully). My plan was to build my investing "business" to the level of being able to go full-time and replace my W2 income, and I always believed that eventually I would want to get my broker's license, but I never really wanted to be an agent; always a principal. But as I've spent more time talking to sellers and doing deals, it just started to make more sense to me. @J Scott recently mentioned on a Podcast the advantages, and other local factors also led me to this happening now. Among these factors are, I can't seem to find any agents locally who understand what investors are looking for, so I hope to fill that void in this market!

@Mike Bryant  Im currently following your same path, taking the test next month hopefully ! I think it will add my bag of tricks as well as help bring in extra cash for more deals. Congrats Mike! 

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