Getting Listings As A New Agent

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Anyone have any advice on getting listings as a new agent. Right now I primarily deal with buyers but I want to transition to listings ASAP! I learned very quickly that dealing with buyers is a pain in the you know what so any advice would be useful, thanks.

Dealing with sellers can be a pain the you know what too from what I hear. I'm not an agent, but I've heard it's really important to make sure everyone in your social network knows your an agent and thinks of you first whenever they want to list their property. I would also recommend the Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller. I got a lot out of that.

Hi Wayne,

Yes, working with buyers is very challenging, but if you screen, you can cut it short before they get a chance to waste your time lol. If you want to get listings, you are going to have to get ready to roll up your sleeves, shake hands, and get ready to grind!!! Here are some things that my wife and I do:

1. We find neighborhoods that meet our criteria and we have lots of door tags printed. We actually put on our tennis shoes, get out the double stroller with the kids, put on our company tee shirts, and start knocking on doors/or hanging door tags. As we do that, we shake hands, we introduce ourselves and our family, and we let people know that we do real estate in the area and would love to set up a time to discuss their real estate needs.

2. We go to socials that have nothing to do with Real Estate to stay connected with the community and to let people know that we are Realtors. Once people are comfortable with you and they see that you are not just out for a commission check and that you are interested in being a contributing member of the community, they will call you as a friend!!! You will start to build relationships that go way beyond real estate.

These two things work for us. Our kids also enjoy getting outside and seeing new faces. Also, people don't expect you to get out of your office, walk to their house, and shake their hand. That immediately tells them that you are not just a lazy Realtor. My wife and I believe that it is now time to get back to the basics of business which entails being fully invested in the community that you serve and wanting to see it be successful, one individual at a time.


Courtney Taylor

great suggestions Courtney! I have been networking with my friends "just expecting" to get a listing but that has not happened yet. We were using printed flyers and hand delivering post cards. I like the door hangers, I have found them for less than the price of post cards. It is good to hear they are successful for you. I am going to get some printed and start that as my next campaign. 

My two cents as some one who has dealt with Realtors, had my license for a short time and still know plenty of them. Like with many things having your name out there helps as people like what's familiar to them. That being said the other suggestions are great. The reality is starting out is hard work, lots of calls and hand shaking and growing relationships. That is why many agents when new will take a listing for a stupid price just to get their names out there and in some ways to find new buyers for other properties. The question is what kind of agent you want to be. If you are tired of buyers well sellers many times are more work. You have to win their business and truly your job is to manage their expectations which often are to high. Then you have to deal with them wondering why havent you sold the property then when you get offers you need to explain why its a good offer or not. With a buyer if you do your job and know what they want and screen them well then do your job and find them a good property.

As i said before depends on what type of agent you want to be. So many agents tell people what they want to hear only so they come back in three weeks top convince them that the price must be lowered. Its bad business and a waste of time in my opinion but its free advertising. 

Once you establish a reputation for getting  the job done your referrals will carry you but until then its about expanding your sphere of influence to where people will think of you when some one says "hey do you know an agent"....

Again my thoughts on the subject from my experience over the years with good and bad agents.

@Doug Merriott

Hey Doug, just give it some time. It will work. Also, don't target a neighborhood where you see lots of for sale signs. Target a neighborhood that looks like other agents haven't touched. I recommend more established neighborhoods because it has probably been a while since those owners have purchased a home and most are out of touch with agents because many don't stay in touch with past clients. Hang in there, man. It's tough but people will definitely remember you. As a matter of fact, I am heading out right now to a listing appointment as a result of a door tag that I hung 2 months ago.

@Wayne Woodson

Hey Wayne, also ask experienced agents if you can help them by hosting some open houses. It will help you get used to talking to people and you just might get some names and numbers of people who don't have an agent. That works well, too!


Courtney Taylor

I have joined my local Chamber of Commerce which is great for networking.   It is important to get involved in any events they put on though - you can't just join and hope for the best!  Network network network!  Good luck.

@Wayne Woodson 

 I've gotten several good listings from my "I Buy Houses" ads.  You know that the majority of these will not be something that you can buy.  So, if they have enough equity to pay a commission, try to convert them to a listing.

Note: Do NOT make a wholesaler or investor type of offer to these people. If you walk into a house that's in good condition and there's no indication of a need for the sellers to sell fast, then do NOT make them a 70% of ARV offer. It will just turn them off. Instead, you say, "Wow, y'all have a great house. You really don't want to sell this to an investor, because we need a pretty good discount. But I've been able to help a lot of other people just like you by being their Realtor. You're situation is exactly like John and Jane Doe's over on Maple Street. I got their house sold in only 60 days".

Of course, it helps to have some amount of track record, but work on this a bit.

Use the post office's EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) and farm specific neighborhoods.

Offer prospects a free home seller's guide.  This well get potential home sellers to raise their hand and give you their contact info to get the guide.  Then just follow up until they list with you.

Also, target expired listings.  I send out 3D mailers (mini trash cans, bank bags, etc.) and send them to expired listings in a 3 step campaign.

Or, if you're great on the phone (I'm not good and cold-calling), you could just start making phone calls.

Hey @Wayne Woodson I'm a new agent too and in the same boat as you.  There's some really good suggestions on this thread. I'll add that I have been acting like a wholesaler in the sense that I'm identifying a reason why someone would need to sell their property and targeting those folks. I subscribe to data on mortgage/tax default, divorce, etc because I know those (extremely unfortunate) life events are more likely to lead to a real estate transaction.  PM me if you'd like to know more.  All the best.

I've been a Realtor for 5 years. My advice would be to try one or both of these - 

Open Houses - someone else mentioned this but I definitely would recommend this. Hopefully you work for a larger brokerage who has lots of agents with listings. I know one of the more successful agents at my first brokerage who held 5 opens a week at other agent's listings. 2 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday and 1 on Thursday night (2 hours each). It's a lot of work but after doing this for 2 years she had lots of clients that became the basis of her referral base for her career.

Expired Listings - early in my career I invested in an expired listing program from Borino. While there are lots of agents going after expired listings I put together a packet of information (per the Borino template) and instead of calling or mailing like everyone else I actually drove out to each expired listing that I thought looked good every morning. I knocked on door to see if they were still interested in selling and gave/left packet. This works because it shows you are proactive and can communicate. Lots of people who had their listing expire are upset with prior agent for not communicating or being proactive enough. I got 8 of my first 12 listings that way. That said, it did work well 4 years ago when the market was down and there were lots of expired listings in my market - not sure if it would work as well today when it's a sellers market (here) and a lot fewer expired's.

Good luck!

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