Agent Poll: Are you seeing good "buy and hold" returns in your respective market?

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I am looking for a new market to invest in "buy and hold" properties. I figured that it would be best to ask the agents on BP as they would be the best to know the ins and outs of their respective markets. 

The things I am looking for in this new market are: Moderate to high rental demand, moderate to high supply of undervalued homes (ROI is good.

Thank you,


Hi Ryan,

You'll probably get lots of opinions.  There are great places to invest all over the country.  I own a couple places in two states as well as some more in CA.  I prefer CA as I can get in a car and be to the properties within a few hours on less than a tank of gas. 

The other properties require a flight and hotel, which makes it harder to want to go visit.

Central valley of CA offers some of the things you're looking for. I trade a bit of ROI so I can be closer to home.

Best of luck.


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