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I recently went ahead and got my RE license in CT but still have my full time job.  My goal is to focus on the investor niche and not the retail market.  I will of course be using the license for my own investing purposes as well.  I went with Keller Williams since they seem to offer the best technology tools (at a price of course!).  However, I want to find the most effective way of getting my name out there now!

I've have been involved in my local REIA but I'm sure their other avenues I'm not thinking of. I've also thought of using Craigslist as well but don't know if that would produce any results.

Anyone have some thoughts on what the best approach would be here?



Bigger pockets forum interaction has been the best way for finding that group of folks for me. Lots of people actively looking for good investment property here.

I would get together with some agents in your office too and let them know that's your focus. A lot of established agents will refer clients to you for a commission split, especially investors who are typically shopping for low-price property. You only need to share the commission once though and the repeat business an investor will provide makes it a small price to pay.

Plus, most established agents are probably retail focused so your investor mentality makes you a better fit for their business.

Congrats and good luck!

@Jim Lally   Have you gone through the Ignite training at Keller-Williams ?  I would highly recommend it!  You will find that it aligns with the Bigger Pockets ideas and concepts.  Welcome to the "family" of Keller-Williams.  As Jon said there will be other agents in the office eager to give you leads of investors especially if you are in a top producing market place.  

@Leila Jones   I am just getting through the initial orientation training but I will absolutely take the Ignite training at some point.  They offer so much as far training and coaching is concerned.  I have been reaching out to other agents in my market place and already found one who has agreed to help me.  

How long have you been with KW?  I don't think I've come across anyone who has not had positive things to say about KW.  They've all been very helpful and friendly to me so far.  I'm glad I went with them!

Thanks for your input!


@Jon Deavers  

 I would agree that reaching out to the more experienced agents in my office is a good approach.  Once they know that I'm focusing on investors they can send any they may come across my way.  I really think that most agents don't want to put in the time and energy necessary to cater to the investor's needs.  Not to mention the lower commissions that come from buying flip properties as well as the numerous offers.  As you say once you have an investor lead they will become repeat business for me as long as I meet or preferably exceed their expectations.  

The BP forums may also be another good approach as well.  I appreciate you thoughts!


You're certainly welcome. Best of luck!

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