Recommend an Atlanta Pre-License Course?

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Hi, Atlanta agents and brokers!

You all took a pre-license course at some point. Any recommendations?

Is it all pretty much cut-and-dry material, so all that matters is having a good teacher? Or does the teacher really flavor the course and any potential networking benefit, so you should find someone who matches your interests?

I'm leaning toward the GIRE in-classroom course. Maybe Joe Kennedy or Selena Henry. Just my preliminary thoughts. I'd really appreciate your input - whether it is something I have considered or something totally different.



P.S. My background & interests: I'm an acquisitions analyst and zoning/permitting specialist for a residential real estate developer and home builder (detached homes and townhomes). I would use what I learn for my current job. In 2-3 years, I would also like to do some of my own investing, probably starting with an FHA duplex.

Hey Dan,

I took my pre-license course with Atlanta Partners Real Estate School. I think I paid roughly a little over $400. I know that there are less expensive alternatives but at the time the location, schedule and time-frame worked out conveniently for me and it was also run by a Keller Williams brokerage that I wanted to join.

Personally, my instructor was a bit newer I think and didn't have all the information down pat. However, she was able to provide tips to help the students pass the GA state exam.

Best of luck to you and feel free to reach out if you have some questions.

Hi @Dan Cotter  

Georgia MLS $450 is another option However, it may be further down from where you live. It's pretty cut and dry as you said always good networking benefits. However, you would really benefit by networking with investors in forums such as the ones listed below 

1) Atlanta REIA


3) Real Estate Mastermind in Alpharetta @Andrew Cordle meets 3rd thursday of the month

Hope that helps