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James, one of the methods my agent is using is postcard mailing.  His includes local market snapshot (what's selling in the area, etc...), a calendar (so people can post on their fridge's), and some other useful info.  He said he got some leads (listings) from it, not sure how many.

Another one (friend of mine) posts his listings and updates on recently sold properties on his personal Facebook page.  So it pretty much acts as a reminder for all his circle of friends that "hey remember I'm an agent.  Buy & sell your houses with me". :)

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@James Peoples  I've had a fair amount of success generating leads via craigslist.  I contact other agents for permission to advertise their listings with the hopes of finding a buyer or lessee.  It definitely gets the phone to ring and I've converted one renter into a buyer.  Also my broker lets me advertise our brokerages listings as well.  

One of my favorite things to do is drive for dollars then mail to the distressed looking homes and pitch them to my investor clients once I make contact with the owners.  I got 2 listing appointments after sending out my first 25 letters this way!

Good luck sir!

This is a bit of a different method, but assuming you regularly maintain a personal blog you can easily leverage it to promote your properties. I've noticed that with a lot of prospective buyers/renters, half the battle is helping them feel comfortable and familiar with the person on the other side. Home buying is such a personal process that anything which helps reduce the feeling of unfamiliarity can go a long way toward encouraging them to close.

It's especially useful if your blog discusses a variety of topics (and it MUST be completely business-oriented, no matter how much fun your most recent family vacation was). Projecting authority with a range of topics from home maintenance to financing will help bridge the gap between clients and a yet-unknown seller.

Accruing blog visits is a whole other story, but in this day and age a well-maintained blog is an essential part of consistent lead generation.

Hey James,

We use the USPS's Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) and farm areas offering a home seller's guide.

We send out 3D Mail to expired listings.

Angie's List is a great way to get leads (I've noticed they're not always the highest priced houses, but they are all high quality people... probably because you have to pay a membership fee to Angie's List). 

No, I've never done door knocking.  Cold calling works... but I'm not a fan of it.  I prefer direct mail.

For online lead generation, I would recommend to check out www.icfloortime.com a startup based in California, currently in closed beta. 

They are trying to revolutionize  the online lead generation process in real estate by providing high quality live video and audio connection, directly from your browser or mobile. No download, no plug-in and the best it is currently free for use. 

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