News - FHA 3% Down - 97% Loan

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It really doesn't matter if there is true equity there; it only matters that Fannie Mae thinks there is. Of course, they're wrong but since we don't set the rules, it is only important to play with what we are given. My firm also operates in the RTO space for ourselves and our investors and we find this news wire to be a confirmation that it's going to be 2006 all over again in the near future so get involved before the window shuts.

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Interesting @Brian Gibbons ...could you go into some more detail concerning the plays you could use on a home buyer putting down only 3%? With that little into the home, there really isn't any true equity there...

I have often wondered what the best ways to utilize this system, in combination with creative financing, would be.

 This will help you...

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do you always talk this rude?

 Do you ever say please?

There is enough to keep yo busy for 6 months.

I buy on terms, sub2, wrap, lease option

I sell on lease option or lease with rofr.

If you GET THAT, you know how to make money with them.

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And I think I'm going to look into that IGNORE feature on Pro Accounts.

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So the question still remains--how do we take advantage of the situation? I am curious to hear how you both are currently doing it as we speak. With no 'true' equity in these homes, I would really like to know how @Bill Pohl  and @Brian Gibbons  are using the system to do deals.



Sorry to have offended.

lol is that an apology?


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I think this post was mis-titled. FREDDIE MAC is offering 3% which is much different than FHA (which has always offered 3-3.5%).