Real Estate Agents - Using Bigger Pockets to Grow Your Business!

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I see under this real estate agent section there are so many investors looking to connect with educated local real estate agents. This post is to assist real estate agents to use bigger pockets to their advantage to grow their business, by providing something of value to clients in their area. One idea I have is to post educational pieces pertaining to your local market for investors. Every market is so drastically different, and different investors are looking for different ways to invest. Some are more concerned with appreciation, while others prefer a better rate of return. What does your market provide for investors? How have other real estate agents learned to grow their business with biggerpockets..... Without sales pitches? I think this is a great opportunity to learn from each other and set new goals for expanding our business in 2015 and assisting other investors to becoming even more successful with the knowledge that we provide. I look forward to all of the real estate agents responses on how they are using biggerpockets to grow their business and what your goals are for 2015.... Without sales pitching. Thank You! 

LOL... oddly enough... most of the Investing Brokers that I know (Myself included) aren't always interested in taking on buyer clients.  I will take on a buyer client, but I'm very selective of who I work with.  

For me, Bigger Pockets is a way to "Spread the Gospel" that Agents can Wholesale property.   More specifically, HOW to do it ethically and legally.

It gives me a platform from which to interact with newer agents, and newer wholesalers. It gives me an opportunity to #PayItForward.

I have found Bigger Pockets to be a great way to increase my network of real estate contacts.   There is so much more to being a real estate agent than making the sales pitch.  You have to make the connections and build your network.   Here are three things I have done that has done a lot towards increasing my contacts.  

1.  Reach out to the someone close to you on a periodical basis.   You are allowed to make connections with others on BP.  I do my best to search who near me has joined recently and ask to be a connection.   

2.  Contribute to the forum discussions.   I am usually very picky about the thread discussions I contribute.  I don't have the time to spend hours answering everything that comes over the forum wires, but I will answer if it is relevant to my situation and I can add value to the discussion. 

3.  Volunteer to coordinate a local meetup.  I am having my first one in a couple of weeks.  I am hoping I get a lot of my current connections there because I want to meet the people I have been sharing and networking with online.    

And, I can't stress this enough, don't make sales pitches!   They annoy most people and it is not what Bigger Pockets is about.  Leave it in the Marketplace!   

A local meet up is a great idea for networking, creating contacts and helping other like minded individuals to accomplish their goals!

Great post Jerry! NJ and NY have so many network opportunities. I hear the BP NY meetup is great as well.

Would love to see local market posts updating current trends..

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