Colorado Real Estate License

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Hi folks I am trying to figure out which route would be best for me to earn a Colorado Real Estate License. I live in Colorado Springs and I work in Pueblo. I work full time swing shift. I would like to earn it as quickly as possible.

I would like learn which schools some of you may have attended and perhaps which ones to steer clear of.


How to get a Colorado Real Estate License

See if Kaplan has an online school.  I've heard so many good things about them.  That being said, I took mine from a local real estate school, sitting in class 8 hours a day for however many days it was.  I do not recommend that.  It was like library story time when you're a kid, but without the magic carpet, imagination or enjoyment.

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I did Van Ed online. I will say that the lessons and practice tests prepared me well for the tests. I spent about a year doing it, but no doubt can be done much quicker. Adult learning is all about the method that works best for you. Swingshift may make evening classroom difficult, but I think some places are offering weekend only classes (you probably have more current info on that than I). If you can find a classroom program that fits your schedule, that would probably be the best bet for quick. If you're like me, and let "life" get in the way, before you know it a month has gone by and you haven't cracked a book!

Best of luck to you, and feel free to contact me with any questions specific to the COS area.

I am in Colorado Springs and trained using Kaplan online.  I self studied and took about 6 months to complete the training while working full time.  The courses prepared me well. I passed the exams on my first try.  Good luck with your endeavors!

I know I didn't start this thread, but it's helpful as I look to get my license in Colorado this year. 

@Anson Young  I am impressed that you plowed through the courses in two weeks. That's what I am hoping to do.

@Mark Ferguson I liked Anson's recommendation of Acre, but when I clicked the Real Estate Express link, it was actually cheaper. I imagine the content is much the same. So I'll probably give that a try when I can find some time.

How much does the actual test cost? Can you take it an any time?