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Hi folks I am trying to figure out which route would be best for me to earn a Colorado Real Estate License. I live in Colorado Springs and I work in Pueblo. I work full time swing shift. I would like to earn it as quickly as possible.

I would like learn which schools some of you may have attended and perhaps which ones to steer clear of.


I did Acre school online, and got it all done in about 2 weeks.  Those were longer days though, 6+ hours of material then tests to get through it all.

How to get a Colorado Real Estate License

See if Kaplan has an online school.  I've heard so many good things about them.  That being said, I took mine from a local real estate school, sitting in class 8 hours a day for however many days it was.  I do not recommend that.  It was like library story time when you're a kid, but without the magic carpet, imagination or enjoyment.

I did Van Ed online. I will say that the lessons and practice tests prepared me well for the tests. I spent about a year doing it, but no doubt can be done much quicker. Adult learning is all about the method that works best for you. Swingshift may make evening classroom difficult, but I think some places are offering weekend only classes (you probably have more current info on that than I). If you can find a classroom program that fits your schedule, that would probably be the best bet for quick. If you're like me, and let "life" get in the way, before you know it a month has gone by and you haven't cracked a book!

Best of luck to you, and feel free to contact me with any questions specific to the COS area.

I am in Colorado Springs and trained using Kaplan online.  I self studied and took about 6 months to complete the training while working full time.  The courses prepared me well. I passed the exams on my first try.  Good luck with your endeavors!

A couple agents on my team used Real Estate Express. They passed the test and it was a little cheaper than vaned. It's hard to compare the best school since no one every takes the courses twice to compare!

I'd highly recommend the "Shwayder Academy", but it no longer exists and would date me!

I know I didn't start this thread, but it's helpful as I look to get my license in Colorado this year. 

@Anson Young  I am impressed that you plowed through the courses in two weeks. That's what I am hoping to do.

@Mark Ferguson I liked Anson's recommendation of Acre, but when I clicked the Real Estate Express link, it was actually cheaper. I imagine the content is much the same. So I'll probably give that a try when I can find some time.

How much does the actual test cost? Can you take it an any time?


I'm looking to get my RE license in CO as well.  Any updates to this topic?  How did the classes go?

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