Starting Pre-licensing class and transitioning to full time agent/broker

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I know most on the forum add their license as something complimentary to their investing, however I've decided to reverse that model and pursue being a full time agent as the basis for my future investing.  Initially I see this as enabling successful investments through increased knowledge, market awareness, and professional network connectivity while eventually providing an additional source of income to put into additional investments. (I've just retired from the military so have one income stream and health-care plan).

My pre-licensing class starts in Feb and I plan to be licensed and active by Apr in Asheville NC.

No real questions that haven't been answered before, just putting it out there to keep myself accountable. :)

Very nice!  Best of luck!

Sounds like a great plan Pat. Good luck with everything!

Thanks for the support guys!


As a licensed realtor make sure that you know the laws and rules regarding investing.  I would also have an attorney to look over my documents before signing on with a broker just to make sure that you are allowed by the firm to invest in yourself without any violations etc.

Congrats on your recent retirement and thank you for your service.  You've got a great game plan, and the resources to build your business without stressing over income.  I look forward to reading about your journey into licensing and beyooooonnnnd!

@Pat S.  

I have a client from Jacksonville FL looking for cabin/land in Yancy, Mitchell or Avery County.  I need to co-broker the deal as I am licensed in FL and would love to work with you.  He's a land planner and I'm an engineer (licensed in NC) and we are also looking for land deals to develop in the area.  See my profile or PM me to connect and discuss further.

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