Where do you find your clients?

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I was wondering aside from general advertising where other people found their clients?  Do you have success through your social media? We have a lot of activity on both our facebook and twitter but never had a customer directly from there, or maybe we have but they never told us they saw us online.  We have a lot of blog readers but again they seem to be people curious about the market and not buyers.  I am based in Spain and was just wondering if there was anything else I could do to attract buyers?  We do get a lot of people through the door but I always feel like there is always more you can do and want to make sure I am covering all options when it comes to finding more buyers.  Does anyone have any tips they are happy to share or any advice for finding buyers or investors?

The #1 source of clients, in any business, are referrals from past clients.  Don't look at your client list as a source of a sale.  Look at them as a source of many, many sales.  Invite them to lunch.  Tell them you're never too busy to give their friends and family the same great service you gave to them.  They might not know someone right that second but mark my words--as soon as they hear someone mention real estate, they're going to think of you and send over a referral.  You know the best part about it?  It's no longer a cold-call at that point when you call the new client.  You're able to start your call with, "I was having lunch with Mark and Linda Smith and they told me you were looking to purchase a house and possibly list your current home."  That's a powerful intro to a conversation.

Second to that, contact your entire sphere of influence.  Maybe you haven't sold some of them houses yet because they're just an 18 year old friend of a friend, the guy you know from the golf shop, etc.  Well, guess what?  They have parents.  They come into contact all the time with others that may be buying and selling.  The main point here is that you have to constantly remind people that you're an agent and that you want their business.

Thank you for that, yes we do get referrals from previous clients that have bought or even who didn´t buy but remembered us.  We do aim to give really good customer service for that reason.  There are a lot of agents in this area that just stick to a ´cold´ sell and do not take the time to get to know the customer and give a more friendlier service.   That second part is a really good point to remember.  I do need to keep reminding people that I am an agent and be always networking.  Thanks for your help.

Besides farming and sending out marketing to expireds... referrals are a biggie!

Not much on Facebook, but we have gotten business from Facebook.

Angie's List has given us a lot of business.  Every time you sell a house ask your client to leave a review on Angie's List, then, ask them if you can use it as a testimonial on marketing materials.  Kill two birds with one stone.

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