Should a newbie get his license/what courses are best?

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First question: I'm a newbie investor--never done a deal in my life. I'm considering getting my real estate license to get access to the MLS. Seems like most people on the board say it is always good to get your license if you can.

Second question: If I'm going to invest the money in getting a license, which online courses are the best?

Yes, you absolutely should get your license for a number of reasons already mentioned on the site.  The basics though are that you can work on your own schedule, seeing listings hwen you're ready.  You can also handle all of your own deals, save the commission on both the buying and the sale of the property.  If you're truly going to invest in property, the cost to maintain your license is far outweighed by the savings.

Here's the requirements for a Washington real estate license.

@Brian Tracy I agree with @Chris Farrugia   Yes, I do recommend getting your license. I've been a buy and hold investor for 15 years and I got my license last year. I joined a team who specialize in working with investors. Mainly rehabbers. I haven't used it to get my own deals yet but I'm learning a lot on what our big players are focusing on, and the whole process. If you do get your license I recommend you find an agent or team who work with investors to partner up with.  Your commission split might be lower but what you learn will pay off in the long run. 

Good Luck

That's a great point that @Joey Dwyer  makes about the training.  I've learned so much just being in an office and hearing about things other agents deal with or by attending weekly meetings (at my first brokerage).  At my current brokerage, our broker sends out "question of the day" and they're invaluable.  He gives amazing advice to things that we'll all likely face at one point or another.  Just another benefit of having a license.

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